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Camp Lakeside Mission: “Impacting lives through intentional Christian community”Ambassador – a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activitySynonyms: campaigner, representative, promoter, champion, supporter, backer, boosterCamp Lakeside is trying to identify Camp Ambassadors in every  church.  We want someone who wants to make a difference, someone who is a lay person and grassroots and connected and passionate about impacting lives and making disciples in their congregations.  Camp is a great tool for helping kids grow in faith AND a way for churches to reach out to children in their congregational families and communities. Camp is a mission outreach. 

1)Fill out and return a Camp Lakeside Ambassador Information Sheet and return it to Camp Lakeside today!!The responsibilities of the Camp Ambassador would be: 
-Share information about camp to your congregation & pastor
– Camp Lakeside will share/send out info as available and relevant
– CF will develop a page on website for downloading posters, etc.
– Share local church’s support options with families(many churches have camping funds via church  or UMW or other group)
-Share info as appropriate: bulletins, announcements, offerings, newsletter, bulletin board, email blasts
-Invite families to events
– Share camp specials and discounts with congregation

  • Hope & Promise – BOTH pastor(s) AND UMW can EACH send one first time camper at 50%

  • Early Bird – All parent/kid camps (Sonshine/Guardian Angel) can register at 1/2 price if registered by March 31

  • Bring a Friend Discount – Returning camper registers and brings a first time camper and both get 25% off registration

  • Sibling Saver – For full week camps only, first child comes at regular price, 2nd child at 25% off, and each subsequent child can attend at 50% off. We have some ‘regulars’ with larger families who are not sending everyone because of cost.

 *We say the offers cannot be combined BUT if $$$ is an issue, see what local church and organizations can do first.  If there is still an issue with finances, contact the camp because we will not turn away campers because of lack of $$$.

2)Be a liaison between camper families and the camp-help connect families and invite families to attend camp-copy and hand out summer camp schedules/registrations-invite children from the community to attend, mission outreach? 

3) Help to organize a Camp Sunday for your congregation or some way for the congregation to get involved in learning/sending kids to camp
-Many church’s focus on summer camp for a Sunday, usually in latewinter or spring on a Sunday when lots of children/youth present-Camp Lakeside will provide potential videos/ideas
-Some churches will do potluck/fundraiser for camp support 
*Communicate ‘change of guard’ when camp ambassador changes.  Try to find a worthy replacement ambassador.



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