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With 3 targets available for use and an archery net to stop those errant shots, find your inner Robbin Hood.  Camp Lakeside uses Genesis Compound bows which are also used by the National Archery in Schools Program.  With left and right handed bows available, learn to shoot like a pro.  A trained facilitator to lead this activity is required and a fee is charged for archery.

Initiatives/Challenge Activities
Great for small group team-building, our facilitators will help your group to find strengths as they learn to support each other. Typically groups of 12 or less is best for team-building activities.  More than one group can participate at a time.  A trained facilitator is required to lead this activity and a fee is charged for the initiatives/Challenge Activities. 

With more trees grouped together than in a lot of western Kansas, Camp Lakeside has plenty of firewood.  There is only one campfire ring currently, but more are to come.  All visiting groups are welcome to use campfire site while visiting.  Sometimes fires are inadvisable in dry or windy weather.  Extinguish campfires when finished.

Camp Lakeside is the perfect place to bring your school class, girl scout troop, boy scout troop, or any group for a field trip.  With access to Lake Scott State Park, many opportunities for outdoor education exist.  Inquire about potential outdoor activities for your group. Set a date for your group to enjoy the great outdoors at Camp Lakeside!

Camp Lakeside has many games from which to choose.  Options include basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, gaga ball, and more to come as resources come in.  Indoor games for overnight groups in the Lodge include cards and board games with more options as resources come in.

Hay rack rides are available by reservation only.  Rides may be given by request from guest groups as well.

Summer is not summer without swimming.  With a 10′ deep end and 3’ shallow end, there is a perfect depth for all ages!  The pool is available from Memorial Day to mid-August by reservation only.  A lifeguard is provided, or you may provide your own with proof of proper certification.
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