Policies Regarding Site Use

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Policies Regarding Site Use

Guest services 
A host will be on call 24 hours a day for guests. If this person is temporarily not on site, they will provide you with a phone number to contact them with and will designate someone who will be on site to check in on your group. The host will welcome the group as well as provide basic safety orientation. 

50% of the total estimated charge is due when the responsible party signs and returns your final contract to guarantee the reservation of group event dates90% of the amount given is refundable if canceled 30 days before event. All cancellation requires a written notice. A cancellation occurring after the 30 days but at least 20 days prior to the event 50% of the deposit will be refunded. There will be no refund of any deposits when a group cancels 19 days or less prior to the event.Bills are due to be paid at the time of the event or up to 2 weeks after the event. Bills left unpaid will result in late fees after 30 days and will continue to incur late fees every month left unpaid. 

Medical Services 
Our AED is normally located in the Nurse’s Station section of the Kanza (Office) building. Sometimes we move this to be more convenient to your group. If it is moved while you are staying with us, we will notify you.Groups must provide their own adults currently certified in First Aid and CPR who are responsible for the health needs of the group. Our nurse is not always available, but when present is more than willing to help if needed.Groups are responsible for gathering and maintaining information on all members of the group that includes name, address, emergency contact information, and any allergies/health conditions/restrictions. For minors without a parent on-site, group leaders should also have signed permission to seek emergency treatment. Group leaders are responsible to inform camp of any allergies or restrictions of their group that may affect camp services provided.Groups are responsible for their own emergency transportation. Phone numbers and locations of local EMS providers, clinics, and hospitals are located on the refrigerators in commonly used buildings, and in welcome information in all buildings rented.Groups are responsible for providing their own first-aid supplies, equipment, and medical personnel. Some first-aid materials are provided in case of forgetting, however we advise our guests, especially larger groups, to please bring their own.Safety Orientation will include updated emergency procedures for camp including information about how to contact camp personnel in an emergency. 

Child supervision 
Groups are responsible for their participants’ behavior while at camp. All children/youth under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult from your group at all times during your stay. We recommend that children under the age of 5 be with a legal guardian at all times, a ratio of 1 adult to every 6 children ages 6-8, 1 adult to every 8 children ages 9-14, and 1 adult to every 10 teens ages 15-18. We also recommend that co-ed groups have supervisors of each sex present (in cabins this is mandatory), that your supervisors or counselors are at least 5 years older than your campers, 100% of your staff is 18 or older when serving camps for people with special needs, and that the contact person for each group is at least 25 years old.Never be alone with a camper. Always follow the rule of 3- always three per group, especially in bathrooms, healthcare settings, with special needs campers, and in specific program areas. Please make sure all staff or leaders have gone through background checks.We urge you to hike in groups so that no adult is ever alone with a child. We normally take groups of at least three. 

Feel free to use our sports equipment while you’re at camp, but please remember to return it. If something accidentally gets damaged, no worries- just let us know. Please do not intentionally damage our property. Equipment can be found in Flowers or checked out at the Office.Camp Lakeside is not responsible for any personal equipment you or your group members bring to camp with you. Please use your best judgement when selecting equipment to bring to camp. Please label all equipment (especially sporting equipment) with your first and last name along with your group’s name in case of lost items. 

At this time, bedding is not provided. However, we do have a small amount of extras in case anyone forgets anything. Beds are almost twin size. 

Swimming and boating 
We do not allow swimming or boating without Lakeside’s lifeguards on duty. If our pool is in season and you’d like to swim, let us know and we can schedule a guard for you. The same is to be said for canoeing. Sailing is unfortunately not offered to our guests at this time, if you’re interested in sailing, reach out to see what opportunities there are for that at another time.You are not allowed to “lifeguard yourself”. In the past, we allowed groups to bring their own guards, however we can not offer that anymore. If we find that you used the pool without one of our guards your group may be asked to leave.Do not take boats out without staff.Sadly, we can’t swim in our side of the lake. If you’re wanting to swim in the lake, we are happy to shuttle people to the Beach House as the State Park requires Park Permits on vehicles. 

Personal property 
Camp Lakeside is not responsible for any personal property or equipment belonging to your group that is lost, stolen, or damaged. Please do a thorough check of all sleeping quarters and meeting spaces for personal belongings before departure. Lakeside will hold lost and found items for up to a month. Personal sports equipment must be approved in the office. 

Vehicular traffic is only allowed on designated roadways and parked in designated parking areas. Please do not park where a vehicle may block a driveway or road. The speed limit at camp is 5mph. Please watch for children, pedestrians, and pets. Riding in the back of a pickup truck is prohibited by Kansas State Law. No one shall operate any vehicle without a license or permit. Use of camp vehicles is very strictly prohibited. 

Please help us save energy by turning off all lights and closing doors when leaving buildings. Use only those buildings assigned for your use and stay out of all others. All groups are requested to leave their areas clean. Please sweep out buildings used, put trash and recycling in their proper places, and put away any used items back to their original locations. 

Food and snacks 
We love all God’s critters, just not in our beds. Therefore, food and beverage are prohibited in sleeping quarters. Please keep all food and snacks in sealed containers in your group’s meeting space. 

Dining hall 
Breakfast is served at 8am, Lunch at Noon, and Dinner at 5:30pm unless other arrangements are made. Our dining hall serves meals Buffet Style. Please confirm a meal count a week before your event. We understand that sometimes a head count is difficult to get. If your group has less people than your confirmation number, we hold the right to charge for the full count that we planned for. If your group starts growing after you have confirmed your head count with us, please let us know. We would hate to run out of food. 

Storm shelter 
Our designated storm shelter is our Nurse’s Station side of the Kanza (office) building. This is unlocked during your stay. Our staff will keep in contact with your group about any weather alerts and if the shelter needs to be utilized.

Other emergencies and lost group members 
In most emergencies, it is important to call 911 FIRST. After you get off the phone with emergency personnel or while someone is still on the phone with them, call camp staff.In case of fire, go away from the fire and notify staff/911. Do not go into a burning building for any reason. Be sure to do a head count so we can account for everyone.In case of lost group members, our staff will fall into our normal missing camper protocol. Let us know immediately if you can’t find anyone. 

Because of the amount of moisture we get out here (or don’t get), we often find ourselves in a Fire Ban. Please check with our staff before burning ANYTHING. There are non-campfire options for S’mores.If you do have a campfire, please eat a S’more for us and also make sure your fire is always watched carefully and extinguished completely before leaving the fire pit. 

We love pets. However, to respect our guests with allergies, we have a no-pet policy. We do acknowledge that some pets are more than pets. Please contact our office if you need to bring or would like to bring your service animal, therapy animal, or emotional support animal. We only ask that your animals do not enter food preparation areas or the pool (next to the pool is fine).If you really need to pet a dog, we encourage you to find Sadie, our official welcoming committee; or Lady and Max, our therapy dogs in training (early training- please be patient with them). 

Damage/extra cleaning 
We ask that your group leader report any pre-existing damage to camp staff as soon as possible. Damage inflicted by the group will be charged to the group on the basis of the cost of materials and labor. 

Lakeside prohibits alcohol use- period. Same goes for drugs and illegal items. Smoking is allowed outside, at least ten feet from doorways, so long as butts are places in designated cans. Weapons are not allowed on site. Kansas allows concealed carry, however we do NOT. Please keep weapons locked in vehicles and do not send children to camp with anything that could be deemed a weapon. Lakeside reserves the right to dismiss any individual or group for failure to abide by any policies, illegal activity, or concern for health and safety. Lakeside reserves the right to inspect living areas and personal property once reasonable suspicion of a crime or policy infringement has been established.
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