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Welcome to our website! We are so excited to minister to your campers! We are a distinctly United Methodist camp where all may experience God and grow in His abundant love. For over 70 years, we have been offering Christ and nurturing Spirits in our perfect little canyon. Get to know us, by clicking here.

Update for Summer Camp 2020

  • Dear Camp Lakeside friends and family,

    We have found ourselves in strange, unprecedented times, haven’t we? Through deep waters of loss, fear and disappointments, know the Camp Lakeside staff has been praying for you each day. We hope to find you in good health, and we pray that you continue growing your relationship with Christ through it all.

    After weeks of thoughtful prayer and considerations, Great Plains Camping Inc. voted unanimously to suspend 2020 summer camp programs. This decision includes traditional programming at Camp Lakeside, Camp Horizon, Camp Chippewa, Camp Norwesca, and Camp Fontanelle. Find a link to that announcement here.

    We know this is difficult to hear, even heartbreaking for many. After all, it is hard to imagine a summer passing by without spending a week at camp.

    Many individuals have been wrestling with this decision and the possible outcomes since the middle of March. The decision to suspend our summer camp season was made with the full support of the site directors of the five camps. Staff from Camp Lakeside and the Great Plains Conference consulted experts in the medical and camping fields, as well as county and state health officials to attempt making the best decision possible.

    With all the factors known and still unknown regarding COVID-19, we ultimately know that we must first and foremost keep our campers and communities safe. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, outlined “Do No Harm” as his first rule for all Methodists. We hope you understand how difficult this decision is and how it weighs heavily on all of us, as a time of great loss.

    This is the first time since 1948 that anything like this has happened at Lakeside. We can assure you we considered multiple operational models, including a shortened summer season or working within the social distancing & sanitary restrictions. After weeks of deliberation and research, we determined we could not realistically reduce the overall risk to our campers, our staff, and their home communities.

    While we know that the decision of safety is always the correct choice, it does come at a financial cost to our families and the camp. We know this is a time of financial difficulty for many, so we want to flexible with our campers’ families who have registered for summer camp this year. We also invite families to consider supporting Camp Lakeside in a time of great financial need, if you are able. We’ve outlined three possible options for your summer camp deposits:

    Transfer a deposit to a summer camp experience at Camp Lakeside in 2021

    Receive a refund (full or partial) for payments made towards summer 2020

    Offer your deposit or payment as a sustaining gift to Camp Lakeside

    In the near future, we will be inviting all the stakeholders of Camp Lakeside to support the legacy and ongoing mission of Camp Lakeside. We hope you may prayerfully join us when the opportunity arises to continue sharing Christ’s love with our children, youth and families.

    Know that even though summer camp will be looking a little different, we are working with each other to creatively minister to your families. We want your campers to find ways to experience God’s love through hard seasons. We are here for you, and will be in touch soon.

    In peace,
    Ross Janovec (Site Director)
    Kate Laing (Program Director)


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